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Healthy Living

Farm-To-Table: More Than a Fad

Local restaurants offer local fruits and vegetables.

Which do you believe is the fresher, more wholesome product: the apple from Chile or the apple from Wilcox, Arizona? The eggs from California or the eggs from Farmer Dan up the road? Sara Lee bread or a fresh-baked-daily loaf from Mediterra Bread at the farmers market?

If you chose the locally sourced apple, eggs, and bread than you are taking part in Farm-to-Table. Farm-to-Table means locally sourced, fresh from the farm, and is a concept wherein consumers, be it individuals or restaurants, utilize locally grown ingredients for their culinary creations.

HES100: Encouraging People to Care

HES100 Instructor Annann Hong

According to the Center for Disease Control, "Health is more than the absence of disease; it is a resource that allows people to realize their aspirations, satisfy their needs and to cope with the environment in order to live a long, productive, and fruitful life. In this sense, health enables social, economic and personal development fundamental to well-being."

Well-being is a crucial part of our lives and in an effort to recognize the importance of student health, Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) offers a course called Healthful Living 100.

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