The Lion's Perspective is no longer active. This is an archive of student publications.

EMCC Classes

Powerful Learning Experiences Through Active Learning

Students Engaged in Active Learning

More than ever before, the world of information sharing is changing. Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) meets the challenge with active and collaborative learning to better students’ educational experiences.  

Where learning was once a one-way street between the student and instructor, many educators are now engaging learners by connecting lessons to everyday experiences as a tool for learning, and using real-world problems and hands-on activities to stimulate critical thinking.

JRN201 Students Help Put The Lion's Perspective on the Map

Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) students of the Journalism 201 class, News Writing, produced most of the content published in the inaugural issue of The Lion’s Perspective this spring semester.

The introductory journalism course gave the students an overarching view of the journalism career field, ranging from journalism ethics, proper interview techniques, different journalism writing styles, and the emergence of social media.


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