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EMCC Campus

Whatever You Need Is Right Around the Corner

EMCC's new Estrella Hall North

Perhaps the best thing about community college is that it offers all of the same resources to students at a more affordable price than say, a university. Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) is the perfect example of a student’s cheaper alternative.

There is just about everything you can think of on campus - a bookstore, an advisement and enrollment center, a café, a tutoring and learning center, and a beautiful library that was remodeled to accommodate students’ needs.

Earth Week: Make Your Voice Heard

Earth Week: Make Your Voice Heard

Earth Week attracted students who wanted to get into the “green” spirit with activities and movies.  

People may think that all they need to do to contribute to Earth Week is to recycle their plastic soda bottle or pick up a piece of trash on the side walk.  Certainly recycling and collecting trash is helpful, but there is a larger goal behind living green.

Peace and Quiet in a Vocal World

Peace and Quiet in a Vocal World

Did you ever have that problem of walking into the library, in anxious need of a computer in a quiet spot; however, there is only one left, and as you swoop in to snatch the seat, someone is talking on the phone loudly?  

Thanks to EMCC and the finished construction of the Estrella Hall remodel, the new building has created a sanctuary for students. It is quiet and peaceful when you walk through the doors.

Expanding Estrella Hall

Expansion of Estrella Hall

Since beginning my educational journey at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC), I have seen the campus undergo much advancement, the most recent being the newly completed Estrella Hall North.

In the old Information Commons, I always felt that when sitting next to someone I was invading that person’s personal space and vice versa. This was something that made me hesitant to use the computers there. The new, larger space feels quieter and more comfortable to me.


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