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Arizona Lawmakers Want to Block Common Core

Arizona Capitol building

The Common Core education standards, which were a major topic in Arizona’s 2014 elections, are now being attacked in a new bill passed by the Arizona House Education Committee. The major source of Common Core’s controversy has been the federal nature of the requirements, and the new bill, HB2190, attempts to give Arizona more rights to its education requirements, including the prevention of future adoption of any education requirements that are similar to twenty other states’ requirements.

The Trophy Generation


Economic and political changes are forcing the Millennial generation into a no-win situation:  either do not get a post-secondary education and ruin your job options or get a post-secondary education and sentence yourself to a lifetime of crippling debt.

Millennials, a term used by demographers to distinguish the population born between 1980 and 2000, has been recently used as a term by older generations to mock the current generation living in the worst economy since the depression.

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