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Eating Disorders


Many college students suffer from a distorted body image.

Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) hosted “Love Your Body Week” in October. This week introduced the students to the world of self-love and let them know that no matter what they are special.

Eating Disorders in College

Brittany Quidang performing "Dying to be Thin" a personal essay about her battle with anorexia.

“I look fat." "I’m on a diet." "I need to lose weight." "That’s too fattening. It has too many calories." "I can’t go out tonight, I need to go to the gym.”

Chances are you have heard these statements before! Maybe from your mom, your friend, your co-worker, or you have even said them yourself. In todays’ society, the pressure to be thin and attractive can be almost as important as graduating.

While these statements may seem pretty harmless at first, the National Eating Disorder Association claims that these concerns are warning signs for an eating disorder.

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