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Issues in Higher Education

The Trophy Generation


Economic and political changes are forcing the Millennial generation into a no-win situation:  either do not get a post-secondary education and ruin your job options or get a post-secondary education and sentence yourself to a lifetime of crippling debt.

Millennials, a term used by demographers to distinguish the population born between 1980 and 2000, has been recently used as a term by older generations to mock the current generation living in the worst economy since the depression.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


College campuses across the U.S. have taken the initiative to create environmental stewardship through sustainable practices and co-curricular education. In Arizona alone, eight major college campuses have been recognized in some way for creating more sustainable campuses and practices, this includes the three state universities.

Dreams on Hold

Harsh living conditions impact immigrants lives.

In the early '60s, Virginia Frausto was a migrant worker picking onions in the fields with her family. Most of her childhood was spent in labor camps in housing provided for the family by the farms that employed them.

"The sun goes down late in Oregon," she remembers, "so as kids, my mom and dad would put us down early so we wouldn't be tired in the morning. I'd look through the cracks in the cabins and see the other kids playing and think, "we should be playing."

College Events Offer Opportunity to Reflect on Women's, Gender Roles

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Women's History Month 2015 at EMCC.

Estrella Mountain Community College has many exciting events planned for the month of March. Rita Zaragoza, chair of EMCC Women’s Leadership Group, and a volunteer member of the Women’s History Month planning committee, says the month’s events seek to “promote learning with all students, faculty, and staff.”

Abroad Perspective

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The Maricopa Community Colleges District (MCCD) offers a wide variety of study abroad programs that give students from all colleges the opportunity to study in different countries around the world. According to the Maricopa Community Colleges’ Study Abroad Program Catalog of 2015, one of the goals of the programs is to educate, “globally competent individuals who value and respect cultural differences.”


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