The Lion's Perspective is no longer active. This is an archive of student publications.

A Beautiful Campus

By Ernesto Oliva
EMCC campus

Have you ever thought about how beautiful, positive, and sanitary Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) is?

If you have, then have you ever wondered who and how much work it takes to maintain a college so clean? But if you have not put much thought to this notion then please, let us take a moment to shine some light on the people who make it all happen.

The custodians, grounds team, and maintenance team are responsible for why EMCC is such a clean environment. There is a lot of work that they do at EMCC that affects how students learn.

Providing a clean and beautiful environment indirectly motivates students to want to attend EMCC and earn an education. Students like Karina Orabuena feel proud to attend a school like EMCC because of how well maintained the campus is.

Seeing colorful flowers helps Orabuena because it puts her in a content mood. “One of the reasons why I enjoy attending EMCC is because of all the gorgeous flowers around the school. It brightens up my day a little and makes me happier to go to class,” said Orabuena.

There are three teams that divide up the work. The custodians are primarily in charge of cleaning the inside of EMCC.

The grounds team does all of the yard work on campus early in the morning. No one ever sees the grounds team because they do most their work from 5 a.m. until 7 a.m..

Then there is the maintenance team who is in charge of fixing things like broken doors. Also, they are responsible for setting up for events that occur on campus.

“It is really amazing how much work the teams put in. They never fail to amaze me,” said Courtney Bourgeous, the office coordinator for Facilities Management at EMCC.

Kim Jordan, the maintenance supervisor for Facilities Management, speaks passionately about his job, co-workers, and EMCC. “I believe that a clean environment sets the tone for the campus,” said Jordan.

The National School Boards Association found that a “positive school climate was the critical variable differentiating between schools with high and low rates of delinquency, behavioral disturbance, attendance, and academic attainment.”

The appearance and atmosphere of a school is impactful. This fall the college won the Crescordia Award. It is a prize awarded by Arizona Forward, an organization that “brings business and civic leaders together to improve the environmental sustainability and economic vitality of the place we call home.”

According to EMCC’s website, “The success of the landscape reveals that even with an extremely modest budget, if coupled with a critical understanding of microclimate, plants, materials and detail can create meaningful and engaging learning settings.”

The grounds team, maintenance, and custodians help make all this happen without students ever realizing it. It is because of them that EMCC looks the way it does every single day.

So if you walk around campus and happen to see a custodian or maintenance worker, then do not hesitate to give them a thank you.