The Lion's Perspective is no longer active. This is an archive of student publications.

JRN201 Students Help Put The Lion's Perspective on the Map

By Manuel Guerrero

Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) students of the Journalism 201 class, News Writing, produced most of the content published in the inaugural issue of The Lion’s Perspective this spring semester.

The introductory journalism course gave the students an overarching view of the journalism career field, ranging from journalism ethics, proper interview techniques, different journalism writing styles, and the emergence of social media.

The article submissions were reviewed by Selina Schuh, course instructor, and Kathleen Iudicello, Division Chair of Arts and Composition, and they were approved by the student magazine’s Editorial Board members.

The content that was chosen to be featured in The Lion’s Perspective highlights the journalism students’ best writing regarding EMCC events, student life, and editorials. The students mastered news stories, features, and many other writing styles, all of which are featured in the inaugural issue.

“Journalism 201 was an interesting course,” said John Alvarado, a 20-year-old student who took the course. “It taught me how to work my way into the field of journalism and how the career works.”

After each article, Instructor Schuh told the class what students did well in the article writing process and what could have been done better, commented Alvarado, who also said that he gained confidence in his interview techniques as the semester went on.

In their final class, the 15 students had a roundtable discussion on how the class went and what they learned. They also read each other’s work and voted on articles they would like to see published in The Lion’s Perspective.

Schuh has been teaching Journalism for three years at EMCC. She has written for local publications, such as The Arizona Republic and Raising Arizona Kids, so working on the student magazine was a natural fit for her. 

“We’ve been working on getting this magazine off the ground for quite some time. To see the first issue finally being published is quite exciting! The core of the content will probably always be generated by journalism students; however, we are hoping to get other students who are interested in writing involved as well,” said Schuh.

The Division of Arts and Composition hopes to expand the journalism offerings each semester. This semester, Schuh is teaching JRN 201 and JRN 203, Writing for Online Media. Both courses prepare students for a career in journalism and allow students to produce content for The Lion’s Perspective.

Students can enroll in any journalism class offered at EMCC if they are interested in writing for The Lion’s Perspective. Submissions from non-journalism students are also considered for publication. For more information on how to submit, contact Selina Schuh at