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Focus on Learning

The Green Team

Burrowing Owls Living on Campus

On a campus where students are constantly rushing from class to class, the efforts of people who keep the school environmentally friendly can get lost.

Estrella Mountain Community College’s (EMCC) Sustainability Team, co-chaired by Eric Huntsinger and Nadine Johnson, is responsible for finding ways to make the campus “greener.”

EMCC Students Walk to Fight AIDS

SOC 130 class at the AIDS Walk in Phoenix.

“Thank you all for joining us on our momentous occasion! We are so happy that so many people made it today! And now, on your mark, get set, go!”

That’s how the AIDS walk started; several thousand people walking in unison for a common cause. Some people were alone, listening to music and jogging to the beat. Others walked with families, most likely planning to visit the surrounding restaurants and hot spots later. Some people also walked in groups, surrounded by their peers from social circles or the workplace. 

There were even a select few people who dressed up in drag.

Teaching the Future

Economics Instructor John Donahue

Educators are everywhere. Everyone has something to teach you. According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, an educator is someone who is “skilled in teaching.” As students we encounter teachers that change our outlook on life. We consider these teachers to be so good at what they do that we will recommend these teachers to anyone that is willing to take their class. A prime example of this kind of teacher is Estrella Mountain Community College’s (EMCC's) John Donahue, an economics teacher.

Lifelong Learning: The Key to Happiness

History Instructor John Frasure (right)

History classes are stereotyped to be boring and sometimes the teacher is as well; unless of course, you enroll in a history class with John Frasure at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC).

Passionate about history, Frasure’s excitement about obtaining knowledge is contagious.

While most are still unsure of the career they want to pursue even as adults, Frasure claims he has known that he wanted to be a teacher ever since he can remember. Even as a young child in elementary school in Garrett, Kentucky, it interested him to learn about past history.

Hands On Learning

Journalism 201 students interviewing event organizers.

Part of growing up comes from your education. You learn from your mistakes.  You also further your knowledge by attending school and learning from your parents or mentors. Teachers have been known to present boring dialog while thinking it will be automatically tattooed to the student's brain.

At Estrella Mountain Community College, professors are encouraged to focus on teaching from various modes, including auditory, kinesthetic, and visually to help students to learn.

Help Along the Way

Student Success Center at EMCC

“Help,” according to is defined as “to provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need.”  It is good to ask for help. At school, tutors are there to help you make your life that much easier.

At Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC), tutoring comes in various forms and many subjects. There is tutoring for math, biology, writing, as well as chemistry and other subjects. For students Samantha Sunderland, Lacey Holstein, and Elaina Pettit, tutoring is an effective tool that they use whenever they need help.


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