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Searching for the Perfect Internship

By Valeria Flores

Interning is hard. You have to get a resume, a cover letter and more experience so that the internship is yours. You are a nervous wreck while waiting for the response of whether or not you got the internship. If you do end up getting the internship, you do not know how you are going to get treated.  There are so many things to do to prepare, which makes it hard to know where to start.

That was me up until a month ago. I didn’t have a resume or a cover letter and I wanted to apply to an internship that could help me out in my career. There was so much preparation that I had to do in order to get those things ready for the application and ultimately, the internship.

Lauren Berger from the blog, talks about a few myths about internships that I surely didn’t know about and that I originally believed.

Internships provide novices with an opportunity for work experience so that they can get an even better shot at gaining the job that they want to get. Then there are the internships in the movies that have you getting coffee all day.

Berger said that, “many companies hire interns to work on actual projects alongside full-time staff.”

Honestly, that was something that I was scared of but now, I’m not sure that I am.

Another one of the myths attached to the internships is that the best internships are with the best companies out there. Regardless of whether or not that is true, large companies may not spend as much time on hands-on-training with their interns since they tend to be busier.

I remember hearing from a classmate that one of her friends had gotten an internship with a well-known artist and ended up not really liking it because the artist was just telling him to go fetch coffee. He then moved on to another internship with another artist that was not as well known and her friend ended up liking the work because this new artist was so hands on.

Berger said that, “Experience at smaller companies is just as valuable. Most of the time, smaller companies have more responsibilities and more opportunities to be hands-on.”

The hardest part is also finding the internship. There are so many out there that have a lot of guidelines that a student has to meet and sometimes you do not end up meeting them. There is nothing wrong with trying, and you’d be surprised about how much you would gain as a company’s intern.

These opportunities may help you hone professional skills and self-confidence, or build your resume at the very least. Again, nothing is wrong with trying to gather insight into a particular industry or organizational culture. Internships are also essential to establishing connections and building a network of contacts early, which in turn becomes a great asset for your career.

“Rather than giving up on getting any experience, look for opportunities outside your industry that provide similar experiences,” Berger said.

At the moment, I don’t have a lot of experience outside of journalism but in the near future I will get more experience outside of this field.

Internships should be something that everyone should take advantage of because it’s something that is going to help you in the long run. Experience is key to any job and although sometimes it’s easier to learn on the job, interning is learning on the job.

“If you are interested in interning,” Landis Elliot, the Manager of Internships at Estrella Mountain Community College said, “please stop by my office in the Career and Transfer Center so we can talk about potential opportunities and how to get started.”

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