The Lion's Perspective is no longer active. This is an archive of student publications.

Where Do I Park?

By Felix Mendoza
cars in parking lot

Why is it that the one day I am running late to class, finding a decent parking space becomes harder than finding Waldo in a Where’s Waldo book? Parking at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) has become a problem with the expansion of Estrella Hall and the recent construction near one of the main parking lots.  

The worst thing about being late to class is losing participation points for being late. I blame the parking situation; even if I leave my home with anticipation, luck seems to never be on my side. I may find an open parking space, just to lose it to the car in front of me. I end up parking in the far southwest parking lot that was just finished last semester.

“Being late is a big problem. I don’t lose participation points but I do hate the awkward stares every time I am late to class. I always end up parking far away,” says Joanna Mendoza, a student at the SouthWest Skill Center, who just finished her LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse.)

Oh, and who in the world invented Smart Cars? These tiny cars are the last thing I need to deceive me on days when the temperature rises to triple digits! There is no worse feeling than thinking I finally found a nice shaded spot…only to find out I’ve been deceived by a Smart Car. I think Smart Cars should have a designated parking area just like bikes or motorcycles.

I really hope this parking inconvenience is short lived because once the colder weather comes around parking on the other side of campus is really going to become a hassle. I guess these are the consequences of a nicer campus and facility. EMCC is a growing state-of- the-art campus with enrollment increasing every semester.

Parking isn’t the only problem that I have encountered at EMCC. Students seem to keep avoiding traffic signs near the construction areas and speeding at intersections to beat other students trying to cross the street.

It would be nice if more traffic signs were added to remind drivers that they are driving near a construction zone. Stop signs should be implemented near crossing areas for pedestrians. Also, speed limit signs are needed to regulate the speed of drivers.

EMCC student Windy Robles says, “Having traffic signs would definitely be helpful, especially when I am trying to cross the street by the Mariposa building. It seems like people are always trying to run me over.” Robles also said that finding a parking space has become a hassle the last couple of months. She attends class early mornings when parking is at its worst because everyone is rushing to class and half asleep.

Another way to improve parking would be to create parking spaces for those students who decide to carpool. Designated parking spaces might encourage more students to carpool to campus, especially during the summer time. Carpooling would eliminate some traffic, allowing parking spaces to become available and helping to preserve the environment all at the same time.

If we want to keep EMCC accident free, it is going to be important for students and faculty members to obey traffic rules. During the next couple of months, while construction is being completed, it is important that we become aware of pedestrians, construction equipment, and traffic signs. For now, let’s just allow the construction near Estrella Hall to be completed and try to be patient with each other.