The Lion's Perspective is no longer active. This is an archive of student publications.

EMCC: Quality Education

By Elizabeth Leon

When big universities or private colleges are advertised, it is not unusual for them to mention their instructors’ experience in their field of study. However, I have found out that it is no longer necessary to get into debt in order to get a worthy education. Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) can be the perfect school for someone looking for excellent schooling, and that is why it became the school of my choice.

I was lucky enough to have mentors and advisors providing options of different routes available when seeking a degree. Some of the deciding factors always end up being tuition, student body, and the instructors’ eagerness to teach. While it is a hard decision to make at first, after doing a little research, EMCC seemed like the right choice for me.

EMCC is one of 10 community colleges in the Maricopa County College District. A student can receive quality education from an experienced professional for a fraction of a private university’s price. While an Arizona resident would pay $658 per credit hour at Arizona State University, I pay $76 per credit hour. Not only is EMCC local, but also students have the option of taking classes on campus, in the evenings, and even online.

As a full-time student at EMCC, I really enjoy the small classes and calm campus. Another thing I appreciate about this school is the experience that the teachers have within the course they are teaching. One of the classes I decided to take is creative writing. The instructor, Tawni Auxier, is not only a college instructor; she is also a writer with a Master’s Degree in English. Auxier has been writing creative novels for many years, and one of her poetry books is soon to be published.

Gabriel Hernandez was enrolled in the Creative Writing class with Auxier as well. Hernandez was glad he had the opportunity to take a course where the instructor is so experienced. “The greatest advantage of being taught by Auxier is her willingness to be real with us and to express to us how important it is to be real in our writing, even in works of fiction,” he stated.

Attending a less expensive school does not mean the value of the teaching is any less than a pricy school. EMCC has some amazing instructors that take a lot of time to practice their field of study. I am happy that I decided to save money while getting taught by some very experienced professionals. Qualified instructors not only teach me, but they are also willing to stay after class to give me extra instructions if needed. That is something that would rarely happen at a big university. Taking community college courses has helped me feel comfortable pursuing a higher education.