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Veterans Club Offers Camaraderie, Support

Gregory Lingao-Lingao
EMCC Veterans Club

As a student at Estrella Mountain Community College, I understand the value of camaraderie amongst other Veterans. Who else will understand you better than another fellow veteran student? Re-integrating back into civilian life, yet alone back into college life can be difficult at times, especially when it has been over 10 years, and for some of us 20 years, since we last set foot in a classroom.


To me as a student veteran, being involved in EMCC’s Veterans Club is a win-win situation. The support I receive from my fellow veteran brothers and sisters is priceless. The chance to help one another in our journey through college life has been very helpful.

As a club, not only have we been able to support one another through camaraderie. We are also able to help out our community. Through our Veterans Club “paint a bowl” event back in fall 2013, we were able to raise $2,000 to donate to one of U.S. Vets-Phoenix initiatives. With this, we helped three homeless veterans get into a new, clean apartment, so that they can get back on their feet.

Working side by side with the city of Avondale last year, we hosted and set up a Fun Run event to raise money for a the new “Ernest A. Lara veterans’ scholarship fund.

The Fun Run took place on Nov 11th during the Veterans Day celebration at the Avondale Civic Center. Thanks to the support from Veteran Club members and their families, EMCC staff, and community support, not only was the event a great success— it was an awesome life learning experience. The opportunity to work together on an event with other student veterans was amazing.

If you are a veteran, family member or friend of a veteran, you are welcome to join the Veterans Club and attend our weekly meetings. Our club gets together every Wednesday at 1p.m. in the room adjacent to the Veterans Center behind the cafeteria, in Komatke Hall- C.

Gregory Lingao-Lingao is president of the EMCC Veterans Club. He served the U.S. Army a total of 10 years. He completed his AAS degree in Organizational Management from EMCC in 2014, and will graduate with an Associates of Arts degree on May 2015.