The Lion's Perspective is no longer active. This is an archive of student publications.

Student Success Fair at EMCC

By Ernesto Oliva
Student Success Fair

“It is the perfect weather to be out here today! So many great opportunities and a positive vibe,” said student Analise Soto at the Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) Student Success Fair held this past March.

The purpose of the fair, according to Christina Izaguirre, one of the organizers, is “to celebrate students’ success and help them achieve their personal and academic goals.” “Overall, I am excited to see the constant flow of interaction between students, faculty and staff here at the Student Success Fair,” said Izaguirre. Students received a tri-fold graduation passport that encouraged them to learn about their campus and resources while knowing how to prepare for their individual graduation date.

The passport cover contained room for a date, which the students filled out after they visited the zones and determined their graduation date. The passport also contained a map of the campus and key zones the students needed to visit for their passport stamps. There were four zones, which consisted of the green enroll zone, blue discover zone, red learn zone, and purple lead zone. The passport was completed with a black stamp when students took a picture with Rory, the school’s mascot.  

Once students completed their graduation passport they received a free EMCC T-shirt that could be personalized with their graduation date. In addition, the fair gave students the opportunity to learn more about the different clubs and organizations at EMCC. “The students who opened up to me about their goals in life were really amazing. It felt like I was making a difference in their lives,” said Ursula Jackson from the Culinary Club.   

Jackson shared the story on how she found her calling in culinary arts and wanted to do the same for others. By sharing her story with students, she felt it would inspire them to seek opportunities for themselves. Another highlight for many students was all of the food being handed out. “I think it is really neat that EMCC is offering all of this free food. I mean, who doesn’t love free food?” said student Sam Roybal. Roybal explained that she previously attended Glendale Community College and was surprised at how EMCC showed so much care for their students.  “I feel proud and privileged to attend EMCC because the school puts on so many events to help me with my educational goals”.