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Local Author Inspires Students

Stella Pope Duarte

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, critically acclaimed author Stella Pope Duarte paid a visit to the campus of Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC). An inspirational speaker, she shared her authentic past and path to success. Born in South Phoenix to a Latin American family, Duarte has roots that run deep into her culture; she celebrates her ethnicity and feels that it is essential to her writing.

A Week to Celebrate the Right to Read

Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week takes place every fall. It brings attention to the books that have been taken off shelves from bookstores and libraries by parents or other people. Harry Potter  and The Catcher in the Rye both appear on the American Library Association (ALA) Banned Book List. The Sam Garcia Library in Avondale takes part in Banned Books Week.

Erica Urban, a library assistant at Sam Garcia, says that she supports censorship because she would not want her kids reading material that is inappropriate.

Eating Disorders in College

Brittany Quidang performing "Dying to be Thin" a personal essay about her battle with anorexia.

“I look fat." "I’m on a diet." "I need to lose weight." "That’s too fattening. It has too many calories." "I can’t go out tonight, I need to go to the gym.”

Chances are you have heard these statements before! Maybe from your mom, your friend, your co-worker, or you have even said them yourself. In todays’ society, the pressure to be thin and attractive can be almost as important as graduating.

While these statements may seem pretty harmless at first, the National Eating Disorder Association claims that these concerns are warning signs for an eating disorder.

Growing to Love Your Body

Does your weight impact how you feel about yourself?

Loving my body was something that was hard to come by. It was not easy to accept myself since I always put up these speed bumps. In October, Love Your Body Week at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) brought a spotlight to loving your body and that loving your body is not easy for anyone.

Finding My Beautiful

Am I beautiful?

Growing up in a society that constantly influences ideas of body image is difficult as a child, and it gets no easier as an adult. Television shows, movies, commercials, billboards, magazines, you name it- and images of beautiful, skinny people are flashed in your face. They appear to be flawless and happy.

This serves to be problematic because in children’s' minds, their perception of the model isn’t that they are airbrushed and“ retouched” by Photoshop; they perceive them to be real.


Many college students suffer from a distorted body image.

Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) hosted “Love Your Body Week” in October. This week introduced the students to the world of self-love and let them know that no matter what they are special.


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