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Leonardo DaVinci's Codex Leicester on View at Phoenix Art Museum

Amber Starr

Currently on view at the Phoenix Art Museum until April 12th, is Leonardo DaVinci’s Codex Leicester. The Codex Leicester is an 18 page double-sided, double-page manuscript that consists of Leonardo DaVinci’s personal thoughts and observations on astronomy, engineering, and science, and includes illustrations as well as his writing on the subjects. The exhibit, entitled ‘Leonardo DaVinci’s Codex Leicester and the Power of Observation’ examines the power of observation from the artist’s perspective, and shows how influential observation was to the artist in creating what has become visually arresting work.  Spanning six centuries, the exhibit includes work from peers of Leonardo DaVinci, Claude Monet, and contemporary artist Bill Viola. For more information about museum hours, and exhibit pricing, visit the Phoenix Art Museum webpage at