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Farm-To-Table: More Than a Fad

Local restaurants offer local fruits and vegetables.

Which do you believe is the fresher, more wholesome product: the apple from Chile or the apple from Wilcox, Arizona? The eggs from California or the eggs from Farmer Dan up the road? Sara Lee bread or a fresh-baked-daily loaf from Mediterra Bread at the farmers market?

If you chose the locally sourced apple, eggs, and bread than you are taking part in Farm-to-Table. Farm-to-Table means locally sourced, fresh from the farm, and is a concept wherein consumers, be it individuals or restaurants, utilize locally grown ingredients for their culinary creations.

The Life of a Competitive Gamer


What is a competitive gamer?

A competitive gamer is someone who practices to get good at a certain game, or all games, and competes with the best in the world to be the champion at that game. But problems outside gaming are the toughest part, “Being a full-time student and putting school as a priority takes up a vast amount of my time. There isn’t much time for anything aside from school and gaming. But you definitely have to make sacrifices to rise to the top.” Competitive Gamer, Treven Yeager, said.

Cheerleaders Fight for Respect

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

It is not a new question, but with the sport evolving more and more each year it is becoming one of the most asked questions in the sport community: is cheerleading a sport? Now many people have different opinions on this matter and have begun to voice their opinion in many different forms and manners; some tweet or blog about it, while others would rather just prove it.

Gov. Ducey supports Uber, Lyft

Uber and Lyft are ridesharing companies, allowing their users to offer car rides and get picked up by anyone nearby with the app. The companies have received criticism from unions and traditional cab industries for not holding the same requirements for drivers as they’re required to meet. However, Uber and Lyft have support from Arizona’s new governor, Doug Ducey. Describing Uber and Lyft as innovative and job-creating, Ducey stopped all enforcement against the companies to encourage the business, and encourage entrepreneurs to create similar companies.


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