The Lion's Perspective is no longer active. This is an archive of student publications.

Beyond Campus

Mile High Dreams Come True

Honors Students

On April 2014th, Honors students from colleges around the west convened at the “mile-high” city of Denver, Colorado to participate in the 2014 Western Regional Honors Conference (WRHC).  The WRHC is an annual convention held for three days during which Honors students get the opportunity to formally present their research projects in the form of a lecture or presentation board to their fellow peers from different colleges. 

A Home That Gives Animals Hope

No-Kill Shelters

What happens when one drops an animal off at a pound? Picture this: a tearful child waving goodbye to his pet at the pound, distraught that he could not take care of it. As the animal walks down the corridor to meet its fate, whimpering cries bounce off the wall and a smell of dirt mixed with toxic moisture lingers in the air. It is at this moment, walking through this dank hall, that the animal knows. The animal panics, ears become flat, and its posture slackens.

YouTube is a Community

She was nervous. She took a shallow breath. She thought of what she was going to say once the camera was on. She went to her room and picked out a book. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green seemed to be a good first video discussion. She let out a breath and turned on the camera. She was ready for this.


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