The Lion's Perspective is no longer active. This is an archive of student publications.

About Us

The Lion’s Perspective is an online magazine written by students for the campus community of Estrella Mountain Community College. The magazine features articles and profiles on a variety of topics that were created with the input of students and staff.

The magazine is currently published once a semester. Each semester students produce content and submit their writing to the Editorial Board at the end of the semester. The board selects the best articles and the magazine staff edits the articles for publication. The issue is then published during the following semester.

The magazine grew out of a Title V grant from the federal government. Title V grants are awarded to Hispanic-serving institutions with a student population of at least 25 percent Hispanic students. The aim of the grant is to open opportunities for students to grow. As such, The Lion’s Perspective opens a platform for students to make their voices heard, and to support and encourage learning. The magazine further serves as a tool to increase campus awareness for students, employees and faculty.

For more information on Title V at EMCC, please visit:

Editorial Board members are chosen based on the position they hold at EMCC.

Current members are:

Erin Blomstrand – Editor in Chief
Manuel Guerrero - Intern
Selina Schuh – Editor in Chief

Michael Bartley – Coordinator of Marketing
Ralph Campbell – Director Recruitment, Marketing & Public Relations
Karen Harbin - Coordinator of Marketing & Public Relations
Cheryl Hebert - Communication Faculty
Kathleen Iudicello – Interim Dean Academic Affairs
Herschel Jackson – Director Student Life & Leadership/Athletics
Kelly Loucy – Director Writing Center
Susan Malmo – Division Chair Arts and Composition
Alex Robertson - President Student Government
Jonathan Robles – Director Title V